Programs include educational, recreational, and social activities and events. Please see our most recent calendar for details. 

Friendship Place can be a busy place with 40+ activities occurring in a single month. Some of our ongoing programs on the calendar are as follows:

Community Engagement Program

Getting in Touch Meeting

Monthly all agency meeting to discuss current month’s calendar, next month’s proposed activities, issues discussion, staff concerns, etc.

Birthday of the Month

Celebration with cake for all birthdays that fall within the month.

Volunteer Projects

A club of service-minded members. Each month members participate in volunteer projects. Past volunteer opportunities have included serving lunch at local community table, singing at nursing home, making cards for children at Children’s Hospital, and park clean up.

Diner's Day

A chance to get out for lunch/supper. Restaurant is chosen by participants at the monthly “Getting In Touch” meeting. Members bring their own money (BYOM).

Life Skills Series

  • Informal educational discussion groups led by a community member/leader. Topics are chosen by members and include such topics as housing, relationships, nutrition, and employment. Such groups have included: fire safety, healthy relationships, boundaries, nutrition, housing requirements, blood pressure and Diabetes information, guided imagery, medicare info., and cooking lessons.

Educational and Recreational Programs

Healthy Lifestyles Program (YMCA, drum circle. art therapy, walking group, Procovery Group, St. Joe’s Food Pantry visits, UW-Ext. Nutrition Program, relaxation/breathing exercies, etc.)

  • Watercolor classes
  • Discussion groups
  • Bingo with prizes
  • Community events
  • Free Fun Thing Day